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Recommended Clothing

Clothing in soft beige or gray material; ankle-high hiking boots with leather laces (to avoid clogging by grass seeds); warm jacket and, if required, gloves - it can be very chilly in the early morning and evening, during winter (May to September), and night-time temperatures can plummet to below 0° C; sun glasses, sun block, hat, and warm underwear are also necessities.
Due to our daily laundry service, not much clothing is needed for hunting days.
In general, the dress code in Namibia is informal, except at official events.

Money Matters

Namibia has got two official currencies, equal in value and conversion rate to the Euro and US Dollar: Namibia Dollar and South African Rand.

Only the SA Rand is freely available on international money markets though, should you wish to bring along some pocket money in a local currency. 

There is no limit to the amount of Euro/US Dollar permitted for import to Namibia, and both currency can be easily exchanged at Namibian banks.

Electricity / Cellular Coverage

Main grid power is provided at 220 V through 3-pin power outlets. Adapters for European 2-pin plugs are made available by many hosts or for purchase from various shops in larger towns.
However, some rural tourist businesses still run on generator power and may restrict the use of electricity for battery chargers, laptop computers, and similar.

 MTC is the largest local provider of cellular services. Please check for roaming agreements with your home country, prior to your departure to Namibia.

Your Master Hunting Guide, Hans Peter Deloch, cooking a typical Namibian stew in a traditional iron pot over an open fire

The 'Lilac Time' often occurs at sunset, during the Namibian summer months 
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