Trophy hunting with Master Hunter Hans Peter Deloch on Farm Waterval, in the Khomas Highlands of Namibia

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As mornings and evenings can be rather chilly, especially in winter, we recommend to wear a parka or hunting jacket. You should also bring a light hat with rim (also available here), oil-free sun screen with a high UV protection factor, light, yet sturdy walking/ankle boots.

Gun and Caliber

A bolt-action rifle in Cal .30 or similar is sufficient. (.30-06, .300, .338, 8 x 57, 8 x 68). Your bullets should be 180 g or more.
For hunting Dik-Dik, Warthog, Springbok, Steenbok, and Jackal, a .243 Win, .270 Win or .308 Win is adequate.

A max. of 80 rounds of ammunition per rifle are permitted  to be imported to Namibia. The import of semi-automatic weapons are not permitted.

Upon arrival, you have to declare your rifle and ammunition at customs.
A hunting license will be issued for the duration of your stay in Namibia.


Your shooting range in the bush is about 30 m to 200 m.
For Springbok, be prepared to place a shot at up to 150 m (know your bullet trajectory). A 1,5 - 6 x 42 scope is sufficient.

Your hosts will assist to make your hunt and stay most memorable.
We gladly liaise on your behalf with a reputable taxidermist and can request the evaluation of your trophy for the SCI or Roland Award as required.


Stalking binoculars e.g. 8x30 or 10x2 are adequate.

Oryxhunt guest with one of the Oryxhunt trackers in the field

A party of trophy hunting guests of Oryxhunt on the lookout forAfrican game in the hills of the Khomas Highlands 
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