Hunting rifle suitable for trophy hunting of most African game in Namibia

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General Info

ORYXHUNT mainly hunts on the Farm Waterval and surrounding areas, all situated within the Khomas Hochland Conservancy.
The annual hunting season in Namibia spans from 1 February to 30 November.

We recommend a min. stay of 7-10 hunting days, incl. arrival/departure days.

Upon sighting the desired game, the hunt continues on foot.
Hunting from a hide is possible, for selected game species.
Hunting conditions are ideal in the early mornings and late afternoons hours.
Hunting at night is not permitted in Namibia, i.e. we terminate hunting at sunset, each day.

We will gladly assist you in applying for a trophy medal from the Namibia Professional Hunters Association (NAPHA). Prices are reasonable.

What to bring

Although you can rent a rifle from us, we recommend that you bring your own. Importing a rifle for hunting purposes is a routine procedure and requires that you have your rifle permit at hand on arrival.

As mornings and evenings can be rather chilly, especially in winter, we recommend to pack a parka or hunting jacket. You should also bring a light hat with rim (also available here), oil-free sun screen with a high UV protection factor, light, yet sturdy walking/ankle boots.
See also Recommended Clothing on our Namibia page.

Info about Rifle and Caliber, Scope, and Binoculars are on the next page.

 Mountain Zebras on Farm Waterval, home of Oryxhunt Namibia

Young kudu bull, one of the most common free-roaming African game species in Namibia
Trophy hunting in Namibia mostly takes place in vast rugged terrains covered by thorn-bush vegetation of varying density. Hunting equipment ... read more