Hunting guests enjoy leisure times around the shaded farm house on Farm Waterval

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Farm Waterval & the Khomas Hochland Conservancy

The home of ORYXHUNT, Farm Waterval, situated in the Khomas Highlands, west of Namibia's capital, Windhoek, is a member of the Khomas Hochland Conservancy (KHC).

Covering more than 20 farms and a total of about 120 000 ha, the conservancy spreads out over a vast area of rolling hills and pronounced valleys - centrally located, about an hour's drive west of Windhoek, yet very remote. Here, you not only feel to be but are right in the middle of Namibia's game-rich bushveld.

Conservancies are a uniquely Namibian nature conservation concept that proved so successful over the last 20+ years that it was not only adopted by many of our neighbouring countries but recommended by the UN to many countries around the world that are experiencing large-scale loss of wildlife.
By placing some of the rights and duties in nature conservation work into the hands of commercial and communal farmers, the Namibian Government created a mechanism to promote the controlled use of game and to re-integrate certain indigenous game species into areas where they had been depleted before, due to poaching and over-hunting.

Statistical data collected, since Namibia became an independent republic in 1990, clearly shows that many game species have recovered in numbers, since the introduction of conservancies, while the numbers of others believed to be on the decrease, e.g. kudu, actually grew substantially right across the country.
Annual game counts within conservancies provide important feedback , also for the number of permits to be issued by the Ministry for trophy and meat hunting.

Nature conservation in Namibia is still rescuing various species from the brink of extinction, on a daily basis. Let us know, if you'd like to meet some of them! 

Khomas Highlands, home of the Khomas Hochland Conservancy and Farm Waterval, situated west of Namibia's capital, Windhoek

Lapa of Oryxhunt at Waterval - our hunting guests' outdoor living room
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